Finding the right mentors

Neka, an 11-month-old female German Wire-haired Pointer, stood still, eyes gazing straight. The summer heat could be felt in the green forest. An occasional call from a pheasant could be heard. She was looking at Chaska, an 8-year-old male German Short-haired Pointer, as he deftly and skilfully flushed the pheasants out for their guardian. TheyContinue reading “Finding the right mentors”

Keeping with one’s character

Murphy wagged his tail at the passing dog, approaching her. She snapped and she shot back to his guardian, tail still wagging. He tried to approach her again, only to be snapped at again. His guardian tried to pull him away. Murphy remained to be undaunted, tail still wagging. After a while, he saw anotherContinue reading “Keeping with one’s character”