The Secret of the Middle Way

His breath was deep and slow and his heart rate regular. There was no pinch reflex as pressure was applied to his toes. His eyes were closed as the surgeon made her first incision. Tinker, a handsome Labrador, had been under anaesthetic for the past 20 minutes. The anaesthetist had been carefully monitoring his vitalContinue reading “The Secret of the Middle Way”

The Impossible, the Inconceivable, and the Incredible

The buzzing was loud in the crisp Spring afternoon. A distinct feel of cleanliness could be savoured as an April shower had come and passed. A train of jackdaws could be heard clattering away in the far distance. However, the buzzing remained continuous and persistent. Bertie looked in wonder at the source of the buzz,Continue reading “The Impossible, the Inconceivable, and the Incredible”

Envision, Create and Believe

Amber, a three-year-old red Cocker Spaniel, was leaping around and above the ground, chasing Admiral butterflies. Not long after, she was sniffing the fresh green grass, scanning for an interesting scent. Just minutes later, she was in the stream, paddling and barking in excitement. She was clearly enjoying herself. Ruby, her older brother by aContinue reading “Envision, Create and Believe”

Who will steal your Joy?

The air was fresh and crisp. It smelt like Spring. Early daffodils were flashing their pretty white and yellow heads. Snowdrops were emerging, freshened by the wet and the cold. A murder of crows flew past, cawing in their crass voices, shouting, ‘Spring is here!’ Bruce, a young Hungarian Vizla was carrying a stick inContinue reading “Who will steal your Joy?”