Through the Looking Glass

Nico, an eight-year-old Male Dalmatian has an interesting habit. He loves looking at the mirror. He would peek into the full-length mirror in his guardian’s bedroom and then run downstairs to the hallway only to steal another glance into another full-length mirror there. Sometimes, he would only look, stay a few seconds, and running awayContinue reading “Through the Looking Glass”

To be or Not to be, have you got the answer?

Sue called out to Kari, a beautiful five-year-old black and tan Doberman, “Come back! Time to go!” Kari stopped in her tracks. Her ears were pricked straight up, her body stiffened and faced the rabbit that was bounding away but her head tilted back to her guardian. The sun was shining and the breeze wasContinue reading “To be or Not to be, have you got the answer?”