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Is my Vet for Real?

How to build the best relationship and get the most out of your vet so your pet wins! Finally, the secrets revealed.

Are you someone who gets stressed going to your vets?

Do you want to do the best for your pet when he is unwell but not sure how?

I don’t want to hate going to the vets but I do!

When your pet falls ill, it can be so stressful going to your vet. If you struggle finding a vet that understands your needs, you are not alone.

This book will help you develop the best relationship you can with your vet. It will clearly demonstrate to you in simple steps how to ‘trick’ your vet in working with you AND FOR YOU. Its easy-to-follow steps will allow you to develop one of the most important relationships in your pet’s life, the one between your vet and you. Undoubtedly, your pet will reap the benefits and thank you for it!

In this book, you will learn

  • Why having your pet makes you so special and sacred (and you are!)
  • Why you struggle with your vet (it’s not your fault!)
  • How to make your vet improve your pet’s life (and yours!) with straightforward practical tips
  • The number one secret to make your vets feel you are their favourite pet guardian (works all the time!)

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Book Reviews

The best way to show your pet you love them is to make sure they are healthy, and Dr. Foo’s book will help you do just that. It’s a must-read guide that answers your questions around veterinarians and your pet’s healthcare.’ – Robin Farmanfarmaian, Professional speaker and Entrepreneur, Palo Alto, CA

‘Funny, innovative and fantastic. Lennon has written an insightful guide that with enhance and empower any pet owner – A MUST READ!!!!!’ – Dr Luke Gamble FRCVS, CEO Worldwide Veterinary Service and Mission Rabies, New Forest, UK

‘Dr Lennon Foo’s wealth of experience and knowledge can only enhance our expectations and relationships. It is clearly evident from his book that he is an advocate for the human-animal bond. The book demonstrates his deep compassion both for animals and for the human side of the equation, along with a nice sprinkling of humour. Lennon also offers insight into the importance of emotional well-being, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in our pets.
As a dog guardian the book has provided me with a greater understanding of my Vet and how we can work together to ensure my dogs needs and that my expectations are managed.
As a practising canine behaviourist, the book has given me a deeper insight to the Veterinary side of behaviour consults and how valuable it is to ensure we work in partnership with the dogs vet.’
– Lisa Hird, Head Behaviourist Canine Behaviour College/Animal Courses Direct Vice Chair INTO Dogs, Lincolnshire, UK

‘This informative and insightful book is a must-read for every pet guardian. Dr. Lennon Foo explains clearly and eloquently how to foster mutual understanding and harmony with your veterinarian, and demonstrates why this will have a hugely beneficial impact on both you and your pet companion.’ – Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, Founder and Principal of The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd. Bath, England.

‘I was hooked from the first paragraph and couldn’t put it down. This guide is written in an entertaining manner whilst delivering practical and straightforward advice. A great insight into the life of a vet and all it entails, both good and bad, whilst providing you with the knowledge and confidence to speak to your vet without fear, about your pet’s medical needs.’ – Caroline Gale (IMDT), Dog Trainer, Newton Abbot, UK

‘This book is a must have for all pet owners, regardless of species! In this book Lennon provides the essential ‘know-how’ you need to work as your pet’s guardian and form a lasting relationship with them and your vet’. – Denise O’Moore, Chair Association of IntoDogs, UK

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