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Amity Veterinary Care was founded on the principles to improve the experiences of pet guardians to allow them to become their pet’s heroes. It was also to create a working environment to enhance the team to enable greater retention, increased happiness and better profitability.

Do you own a vet practice and want to achieve greater team harmony and happiness while at the same time, increase profitability? Or are you an aspiring individual that wants to start your own practice and searching for new ideas that not only challenge the current practices but also produce better results long term?

Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” At Amity, we are driven by our Five Core Values of Providing Value First, Learning Constantly, Focusing on Results, Seeking Out Feedback and Providing Positive Energy to fulfil our Core Purpose of Empowering You Through Education.

While maintaining and pursuing clinical excellence is considered a given in any vet practice, several novel initiatives have been taken to differentiate Amity from other vet practices resulting in better outcomes.

Find out why

  • It is important NOT to compete with other vet practices
  • It is paramount to have a Core Purpose and Culture
  • Only improving your veterinary standard of care is not enough
  • Competitive pricing is such a poor idea
  • A ‘standard’ Preventative Plan is a bad idea
  • Some pet guardians should be actively referred to other vets

Learn how to

  • Achieve 100% uptake on the ‘Pet Health Plan’
  • Deliver a 5-star service to your clients
  • Build an Olympic-level Team
  • Get your clients to drive past 40 other practices and more than 100 miles to see you
  • Have 80% of your clients referred by your existing customers
  • Make sure you have happy clients ALL THE TIME

Ready to move to the next level and enhance your happiness?

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