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Dr Lennon speaks on 3 main subjects  and has over 15 hours of on-stage content already created – which he personalizes and builds on for each individual presentation. Keynote lengths range from six minutes to over 90 minutes, with extreme flexibility on length.

Veterinary Medicine

  • Vaccinations, Titre-testing or just not bother?
  • Which food is the best for your dog?
  • Blood testing- why and how?
  • To neuter or not to neuter- that’s the question but what is the answer?
  • The Value of Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary Acupuncture – An Ancient Approach to Modern Medicine
  • Managing Canine Arthritis: Various approaches including drugs, complementary medicine, novel techniques and owner-led


  • The Leader Within You
  • The Servant Leader
  • You can’t be Seen until you learn to See
  • Living with Intention
  • Fear is holding you back

Inspirational Life Lessons

  • Seasons of Life – Winter is Coming
  • You are not Your Thoughts
  • Lessons from a Baby
  • Why We Die
  • How can the Attitude of Gratitude save your Life?
  • The Ninth Wonder of the World
  • Taking Extreme Personal Responsibility
  • Using your Unfair Advantage
  • What we say matters
  • The Power of And
  • The Unalterable, the Choice and the Promise
  • Exercising your 651st Muscle


“When you say it, it means something. When someone else says it, it means everything.”

Each presentation brings new information, things for caregivers to consider, a dash of humour and great CPD for dog trainers and behaviourists. Lennon is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about his subject.

Lisa Hird, Head Behaviourist Canine Behaviour College/Animal Courses Direct
Vice Chair INTO Dogs, Lincolnshire, UK

Lennon is an inspirational storyteller who draws upon his life experiences to share his messages.  At ease in front of both virtual and face to face audiences, his vivid use of language, imagery and examples takes audiences on relatable journeys, culminating in the lessons we should all learn and consider in the future. He is always a pleasure and a joy to listen to and audiences look forward to his speeches.

Richard Warburton President South West Speakers 2019/20

Change your thinking, change your behavior, change your life.

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