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Dr Lennon is a vet, author and speaker that believes in Embracing Humanity through Veterinary Medicine. This position drives him to provide education and resources to pet guardians and veterinary personnel to positively empower them, elevating pet guardianship and veterinary medicine.

For You, the Animals and Our World

We believe in a world where a person’s life can be elevated through the love of animals. We also believe veterinary medicine should extend further than merely treating animals. It should include and embrace the unique beauty of the bond between your pet and you.

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Is my Vet for Real?

Do you want to know how to build the best relationship with your vet so your pet wins?

Finally, the secrets are revealed.

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‘Funny, innovative and fantastic. Lennon has written an insightful guide that with enhance and empower any pet owner – A MUST READ!!!!!’ – Dr Luke Gamble FRCVS, CEO Worldwide Veterinary Service and Mission Rabies, New Forest, UK

The best way to show your pet you love them is to make sure they are healthy, and Dr. Foo’s book will help you do just that. It’s a must-read guide that answers your questions around veterinarians and your pet’s healthcare.’ – Robin Farmanfarmaian, Professional speaker and Entrepreneur, Palo Alto, CA

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them’ – Albert Einstein

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Amity Veterinary Care

Dr Lennon Foo is a practicing vet for 15 years. He founded Amity Vets whose core purpose is to Empower You through Education. He believes veterinary medicine should also embrace the unique beauty of the bond between your pet and you.

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Educational Resources

Dr Lennon’s Life Sessions

Inspired by the abundance of nature and the beauty of animals, read how you can improve your life.

Dr Lennon at Amity YouTube

Simple, engaging and fun content to empower you through knowledge on your pet and veterinary medicine.

Webinars for Pet Guardians

Join in for entertaining, educational and sometimes controversial webinars to learn more about your pet!

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Help us help you.

Whether it is veterinary consultations, speaking for your organisation or business consultancy, we are here to help.

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