Core Purpose and Values

Core Purpose

Embracing Humanity Through Veterinary Medicine

The Core Purpose consists of three areas: the Empowerment of Pet Guardians, the Improved Welfare of Veterinary Personnel and the Sustainability of Veterinary Medicine.

The Empowerment of Pet Guardians

Pets, in general, make people better people. Pet Guardians should be seen as the CEO of their pets, the brave individuals who have taken the responsibility and burden of caring for their pets. By Empowering them through Education, they will be in a better position to make informed choices about their pets’ lives and become their pets’ heroes.

The Improved Welfare of Veterinary Personnel

Despite the nobility of veterinary medicine and the profound service it has brought to mankind, it suffers from a high rate of depression, attrition (vet personnel leaving the profession) and alarmingly, suicide. By directly addressing these issues, the veterinary profession can continue to bring value to the society without the commonly associated backlash.

The Sustainability of Veterinary Medicine

Imagine if veterinary medicine could be practiced as environmentally friendly as possible. Creating an environmentally-sustainable model for veterinary medicine is a necessity if this profession is to continue to provide value for the future.

By improving all three areas, the potential for veterinary medicine to escalate humanity is infinite, allowing us to become better versions of ourselves.

Core Values

Provide Value First | Learn Constantly

Focus on Results

Seek out Feedback | Give Positive Energy

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