Life Sessions


The ground trembled as the wildebeest stampeded across the savannah. Covered in glistening sweat, snorting furiously through their nostrils, they ran. Dust clouds swirled around them, obscuring many of them from view. The sound of their hooves was thunderous. You can feel the raw energy as the few thousand ungulates surged past like an unstoppableContinue reading “Run”


The birds were singing their songs. The air was crisp. The freshness of Spring could be smelt. Sprite, a seven-month-old Whippet-Bedlington cross was tugging his guardian’s trousers, stopping occasionally staring at his rope toy and looking up at him, tail wagging like there is no tomorrow. His message was clear. It only spoke of oneContinue reading “Play”


The peacock butterfly landed on a yellow buttercup, slowly flapping its wings in the warm sunshine. A middle-aged man wearing a top hat and Bermudas was dancing outrageously on his own, with earphones plugged in, oblivious to those around him. A magnificent blue Great Dane puppy was cantering awkwardly, getting used to its long legsContinue reading “Grace”


The air was still as the final solution was injected into Sam’s front leg. His eyes closed as he slowly drifted away into eternal peace and oblivion. Spot, his brother, who has been with Sam all his life walked over and gave the tiniest sniff of Sam’s head, now still and lifeless. With that, heContinue reading “Loss”


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Hi, I’m Dr Lennon. Just by opening my eyes, mind and heart to my work, nature and all around, I have been blessed to receive many lessons in life. Here are some of them to share with you…

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