Life Sessions

How badly do you want it?

Fred, the three-month-old Labrador puppy, was tugging at his guardian’s trousers. His guardian was sitting working on her laptop, ignoring him. “Ball”, Fred thought, “Let’s go play!” She continued to focus on an assignment she needed to hand in. She did not have time for Fred now. Fred whimpered and whined. She turned round toContinue reading “How badly do you want it?”

The Twin ‘P’s

The frisbee flew far and wide. It was meant to land in the field but it ended up in the river instead. It had been raining for three days and the current is strong. Max, the three-year-old male Collie ran towards the river. He saw the frisbee being swept away by the white waters. HisContinue reading “The Twin ‘P’s”

The F Word

The smell was distinctly dog. You could smell the frenzy, the excitement, and the anticipation clearly. High pitched yappings were mixed with low grumbling woofs. There were dogs of all shapes and sizes at the rescue centre. Some were kept in groups and some had their individual pens. Multiple tails were wagging and countless eyesContinue reading “The F Word”


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Hi, I’m Dr Lennon. Just by opening my eyes, mind and heart to my work, nature and all around, I have been blessed to receive many lessons in life. Here are some of them to share with you…

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