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Suffering is…

The aroma of the outdoor restaurant was intoxicating with Asian spices and Pad Thai, a delicious noodle dish. The sounds of the customers chatting and eating and the mounted television conveyed a busy, bustling atmosphere. A white eight-year-old dog laid chained up below the mounted television. He was emaciated, disinterested, and looked very depressed. ThereContinue reading “Suffering is…”

Happiness is…

The lips are raised. You can see all four canines, incisors, premolars, and almost all the carnassial teeth exposed. The breathing is rapid. You may be expecting a growl or a snarl when you see a five-year-old Border Collie doing that. Instead, you hear a high pitched whine and his tail wagging like a bansheeContinue reading “Happiness is…”


Lucy is a nine-year-old Dachshund that receives laser therapy frequently for her spinal condition. To protect her eyes from the Class IV laser, she wears very chic Doggles during treatment. The lens are tinted, making her world looked slightly darker. She does not appear to resent them and in fact, seemed to enjoy them asContinue reading “Filters”

Educate – To draw out

Her blue eyes gazed evenly at Patrick, her human guardian. Patrick is trying his best to get Misty, his five-year-old lilac Siamese cat to come down from the apple tree and all he received was a blank stare. Patrick was calling her name coyly, waving her favourite cloth mouse stuffed with catnip and rattling herContinue reading “Educate – To draw out”


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Hi, I’m Dr Lennon. Just by opening my eyes, mind and heart to my work, nature and all around, I have been blessed to receive many lessons in life. Here are some of them to share with you…

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