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I should be so lucky!

Dedicated to my Amity Team Ella, Madeleine, Sarah, and Katie who took a chance on me and Amity It is time. It was 6pm and the family was sitting around the table having dinner. Pixie, a five-year-old Chihuahua could smell the pot roast being served. He salivated and licked his chops. He had his eveningContinue reading “I should be so lucky!”

Know Your Iceberg

Stig looked at the dogs around him in training. His eyes were bright and inquisitive, displaying curiosity. Some were practicing walking in straight lines and some were learning how to stop at curbs. There were a couple of more advanced ones practicing looking for an empty seat. Their handlers were patiently, using praise, toys, andContinue reading “Know Your Iceberg”


Spike’s tummy was rumbling. It has been rumbling forever. He has very a specific gastronomical constitution. His guardian has tried raw feeding, wet food, low-fat diet, grain-free diet, freshly cooked food to no avail. It was upsetting. Every morning, he would wake up stretching his abdomen in discomfort, followed by a bout of vomiting afterContinue reading “K.I.S.S.”

No Rush

It had just rained. The grass was wet but not waterlogged. The smell is distinctly clean and fresh. Bertie was running with his older brother (from a different mother) in a game of chase. He was 6 months old and his brother was 2 years old. His brother was naturally faster, spanning his long legsContinue reading “No Rush”


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Hi, I’m Dr Lennon. Just by opening my eyes, mind and heart to my work, nature and all around, I have been blessed to receive many lessons in life. Here are some of them to share with you…

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