Life Sessions

Do your job

The doorbell rang. Rocket started barking for a few minutes. He had always done so for many years. The bell ringing meant someone unfamiliar is at the door, a great reason to get excited about and make some noise! The rattling of the dog treat jar would make him salivate and go to his guardian.Continue reading “Do your job”

The Obstacle is the Way

Sam wandered in his large garden as usual, among the falling autumn leaves. He arrived at the usual opening where he would walk into his favourite mud pool. The opening was through a stony wall where it had broken down many years ago. It was the easiest way to get through without having to scrambleContinue reading “The Obstacle is the Way”

Be kind to yourself

Dingo chewed quietly and softly at a pair of soft slippers he found below the bed. He was enjoying this peace and quiet on his own in the living room behind the couch. The television was on and his guardian was glued to the screen the last time he checked. He enjoyed chewing his newlyContinue reading “Be kind to yourself”

Quarrel is…

The sun shone like there was no tomorrow. The heat was stifling and a gentle breeze was the only reprieve. The grass was almost brown in the dry heat. Benji was strolling in the park with his guardian. After turning a corner along the hedge, there was a sharp yelping. He saw a little dogContinue reading “Quarrel is…”


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Hi, I’m Dr Lennon. Just by opening my eyes, mind and heart to my work, nature and all around, I have been blessed to receive many lessons in life. Here are some of them to share with you…

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