Getting into the Groove

Can you remember the time when you first did something really well? You have struggled, fought, bled (figuratively), and finally achieved that award, reward, certification, mastery, or skill you have worked so hard for. Suddenly, you find it easy to do it. A feeling you simply did not have before. Perhaps, it was a jobContinue reading “Getting into the Groove”

Dealing with the unexpected

Dedicated to my amazing Amity Team whose fast and accurate decisions and actions led to no injury or loss of life and minimal damage in the fire sustained recently at Amity. Blue, a two-year-old Bedlington Terrier, was chasing a rabbit in the field. The rabbit swerved and ducked. Blue followed its journey relentlessly. The rabbitContinue reading “Dealing with the unexpected”

Decisions, not conditions, make your destiny

The badger mother stood firmly on her ground, refusing to budge. There were three badger cubs behind her. Her front leg was bleeding from a bite of the fox in front of her. One badger cub had strayed from the holt and had been killed by the fox. Though she is injured and in pain,Continue reading “Decisions, not conditions, make your destiny”