Give positive energy (Amity culture)

The wind from the wagging bushy tail was flipping up pages of a nearby newspaper. In fact, it was wagging so hard that the entire back end of Rosie was swinging from left to right, shifting her back feet as she did so. Her tongue was lolling from the side of her mouth. Her eyes sparkled and her nose wet. She was so obviously excited and transmitting so much positivity that it lit up the room with energy. No one could resist the power of this vitality. It was infectious. It was contagious. So much so that her guardian put his work down, grabbed his coat and said, “Ok, let’s go play!” His stress and feeling of the burden from work were temporarily displaced with Rosie’s positive energy.

The gift of positive energy cannot be underestimated by both the giver and receiver. This is not referring to hiding pain, never being sad and thinking (or being) positive all the time. That is wearing a mask and is false. It is also not sustainable and potentially harmful to anyone who does that. To be being to provide positive energy, one needs to address his internal negativity, make peace with himself and find tranquillity within. When all the internal work is done, only then will you be able to provide true positivity that brings more energy to yourself when you are giving it. The more you give, the more you receive.

The world can be negatively biased. No news is good news and all news is bad news may ring true in many instances. (Just take a look at the news report on TV or the newspaper to see what this means!) To be the light, the source of astonishing spirit in this world takes courage, determination and also, wisdom. Surrounding your environment with people who you can lean on when needed, performing activities that allow you to find your centre, and being in places that enriches your sovereign soul would enable you to recalibrate and escalate your power within.

What does it feel like to be on the receiving end? Have you ever had a conversation with someone that allowed you to feel like you are a better person? Or be in a place where you felt alive and thought to yourself, “I belong here! I can stay here forever!”? Perhaps you have a hobby that you get lost being in the ‘Flow’ really rapidly and time flies when you are doing it? This is what being in a place where you receive positive energy can do for you. Many times, it is just a matter of perception. When you are not in the place to receive positivity (and actively block it off, whether conscious or unconscious), you will not be changed. When you open your heart, allow all energy to flow through, you will be able to experience life fully, both good and bad. You will realise that it is not good or bad, it is just life. It is good because you have said it is good. It is bad because you have said it is bad. You will experience positive energy because you have defined that to be positive energy.

When you see the power of positive energy and how it can elevate your life, a natural progression would be to see how to provide that for others. It is important to emphasize that this is not referring to appearing to be happy when you are not, giving positivity that you do not have or pretending that there are no worries or negativity in the world (because there is!). Be sure to be mindful of how much positive energy you can give. It usually reflects how settled and centred you are internally. We are all at different stages in life where sometimes, our internal soul is more or less settled depending on our personal circumstances. Sometimes you give more, other times you need more.

When you are providing positive energy, be mindful of the party receiving it as well. They may not be the right frame of mind to accept it or what they consider as positive energy may be vastly different from how you want to provide it. Either which, do not be surprised or take offence if it is not well received regardless of how well-intended it may be. A universal way to provide positive energy is to allow yourself to be a beacon of positivity that will light the way and the world for all around you. They may not see it now and when their hearts open, your light will guide them to reach out to you.

Giving positive energy can change lives. Like a moth being attracted to the light, your positive energy may initially help others to feel better about themselves. Eventually, it will also draw in more positive energy into your life, making you feel better about yourself. It is truly a gift that the more you give, the more you receive.

So, where and how do I start, you may ask? May I suggest you dig deep into your fears, worries and uncertainties and allow them to pass? They are causing issues only because you feed them energy. Acknowledge, be grateful (as they are all part of you that makes you unique and special) and let them go. Do not play with them anymore.  Instead of trying to give positive energy, learn how to receive it first. Allow the positivity of people, activities and places to permeate your soul. Tear down your walls and let the positivity of the universe flood your heart. It is truly out there, hidden in plain view, waiting for you to allow it in. It wants to come in, but only with your permission. Only when your heart is full of positive energy (because you allow them in), can you allow it to overspill and overflow into your world and all around you, thus ‘giving positive energy’.

So it is not really you giving anything, it is just allowing the excess positive energy to spill out to others. Believe and accept in the universe’s abundance, not scarcity. The universe is brimming with positive energy. Allow your body to act as a vessel via your heart and soul to receive this positivity and pass it on to others by travelling it through you first. As said, it is indeed a gift where the more you give, the more you receive. You have not really ‘produced’ positive energy. As the title suggests, it is more of ‘giving’ positive energy and you do so by allowing it into your life first.

Rosie has no walls around her soul and allowed positive energy to spill through her to her guardian, changing his state. What is holding you back from allowing you from doing the same?

‘Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.’ – Wayne D Dyer

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