Because I saw…

Her knuckles were white with her holding on with all her might on the pulling lead that led to a handsome three-year-old entire male Rottweiler, Tyson. Just a moment ago, he was walking calmly by  Marie, his guardian when without warning, he leaped forward choking on the lead and pulling his guardian with him. “Stop it, Tyson! What’s the matter with you? Have you gone mad?” Marie firmly said. Tyson continued pulling, straining to move forward. Marie looked up and could not see anything, no dog, living thing, or person was in sight.

This canine tug-of-war continued for a few more minutes. Marie was baffled. When she thought he had gone mad, round the corner about 80 yards away, came trotting a beautiful female Rottweiler. Her guardian was keeping a close eye on their surroundings and stopped when he saw Marie and Tyson. He immediately changed his course and headed in another direction. He shouted, “My girl is in season!” Marie understood why Tyson reacted the way he did. Tyson looked at her, wagging his tail happily, and barked, “Now you see what I smelt. And you thought I went mad!” As the beautiful dog disappeared into another part of the woods, Tyson relaxed and walked calmly beside Marie again.

Have you ever seen or known something that no one did and no one knew what you were going on about? Have you had a vision or a dream that made perfect sense to you but no one else understood and thought you mad? Perhaps it was your dream home? Or the lifestyle you envisage living some time in your life? You saw what no one else did. You could picture the kitchen island, the wood burner with exposed ceiling timbers in the living room. You saw yourself traveling between countries, helping others along the way. You saw perfection in your child, regardless of the perceived flaws others mentioned. You clearly saw in your mind how value could be provided when no one else did. Know that the reasonable person will adapt him/herself to the world: the unreasonable one will persist to adapt the world to him/herself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable person.

When the Wright brothers started designing, building, and experimenting with their airplanes, they received criticism, laughter, and even scorn from others. They started and persisted simply because they saw a possibility that others did not. Their reality was vastly different from those around them. What was considered insane was clearly sane to them. When Obama proclaimed at age 21 that he was going to be America’s first black president, he saw a reality that others did not see. Not only did he believe and persist, but he also continued for two terms serving his country as President.

On a smaller scale (but still importantly nonetheless), you may feel misunderstood at times. You may feel that people do not understand you or your sense of reality. Sometimes, it may cause frustration, vex and possibly even anger. It usually is due to a few reasons. Firstly, they may not be in the right place mentally and/or emotionally to understand you. Secondly, their perception of what is possible may differ from yours, usually due to a lack of references or information on either party. Thirdly, it could just be due to poor or lack of communication.

It is ok. It is very okay not to be understood. Sometimes the energy spent in futile efforts of trying to make another understand could be more wisely used to make your dream a reality instead. Learn to find peace and tranquillity in your dreams and visions. Allow your results to speak for themselves. Focus on your dreams and visions that no one else understands. It does not matter at all as long as it makes sense to you. When you are aiming to provide value to the world, the value will be appreciated provided there is a real need, regardless of what the nay-sayers would say. Ignore the nay-sayers. They may be expressing their disbelief out of love (of you being hurt by failure) but most do so due to lack of context and because they cannot see themselves doing it. That is ok. We all have our lives to lead. You have your unique life to lead. In fact, it is so unique that no one will understand it apart from you and that is ok. After all, no one else is going to live your life but you. You might as well live it on your terms!

Remember to dream and dream big. Live for something bigger than you. We are all just merely tiny specks of carbon living in this huge universe for a very brief moment. Dream big. When you do, because you are unique possessing your individual DNA, experiences, memory, past, and environment, it is likely that your big dream will be unique too, only understood by you and not others. That is ok. In fact, celebrate it for you have created an original thought! When it provides value in time, the value will show whether others believe it or not.

Too many dreams have been shattered and battered by so-called reality, by being ‘normal’ and ‘realistic’. Too much energy has been spent on being ‘normal’ and ‘realistic’. Nobody realises that many people spend a tremendous amount of energy to be normal. Why not use that same amount of energy to be the unique you instead? Allow your exclusive self to shine and bring value to your world. Exercise your differences in your dreams, thoughts, and actions.

Tyson acted (instinctively, correctly, and appropriately) because he knew something that his guardian did not and she thought he was mad. What would you do to realise your reality?

‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’ – Friedrich Nietzsche

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