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Toby just had his leg operated on a few days ago. His sutures are clearly visible on his knee. He walked with a slight limp. Clear instructions have been given by his vet for strict rest with a minimal lead walk for at least ten days. He was at the park now, tugging at his lead wanting to do more as he watched his brother, Sam, run off. His guardian dutifully tried to calm him down knowing he should not do more.
Without a warning, his lead slipped. ‘Freedom!’ Toby thought and barked joyfully. He dashed off to his brother, holding his operated leg up. He may injure his leg or he may not. Who knows? One thing is for sure is that he is not allowing his condition to stop him from living his life.
When you wake up, listen as your day unfolds. Feel the air, feel your energy coursing through your veins. Understand your first thoughts that come into your head. Why are you thinking that? Are they empowering? Or do they want to make you go back to bed? Remember your powerful sovereign self and know that you are enough.
Challenge what your future holds. Do you know why you are breathing? Is there a purpose? Are you living or merely existing? What value are you going to bring to your world today? This is not referring to the world in general, simply, your world, your personal experience of reality. Perhaps, it will be your family, your children, your work, or your partner. Are things the way they seem they are? Are they the best they can be? Could you add that 1% improvement that makes it different and better from yesterday?
Try to keep your head up into the sky. Explore the wondrous world you live in. Absorb the beauty of nature that is given to you. When you are feeling low, take it as a blessing to remind you that you are alive. We feel happiness and pain because we are alive. As hard as it may be, it gives us a chance to address, acknowledge and release our fears. Stand up in your own space and know that you are there. Don’t be ashamed to cry.
When you are finished crying, seek the lesson. Know that you gotta be bolder and stronger. Remember that decisions, not conditions, change your life. The world can throw you all sorts of challenges, perhaps unrequited love, unbelievable stress, or even a pandemic. Know that life is happening FOR you, not to you. There are no mistakes. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
The only thing that is fair for everyone regardless of the situation is that the clock will continue ticking. You do not get a reprieve from life just because something is happening. Your time does not stop for you because you are not able to live your life fully. The clock keeps ticking. Do take your time to grieve, to recharge, or simply to acknowledge that you may not be living the life you would prefer. However, be sure to LIVE!
Solve your life problems, real or imaginary. Learn and grow from them. Allow them to empower you instead of holding you back. Every problem you solve brings growth, which is essential for a fulfilling life. You are NOT your thoughts, your behaviour, your deeds, or your past. YOU ARE MORE. Commit yourself to become the better version of yourself. Just like playing tennis (to improve is to play with a better player), tackling a bigger problem is necessary. Be grateful for the challenge and lesson. Know that once you have overcome it, you have become more. Once your potential is stretched, it never goes back to the same dimension.
Courage is not the absence of fear. It is doing what needs to be done, despite the fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It will surely expand you. Remember, the clock is ticking. Focus on your daily, consistent small wins that will lead to enormous success over time. There are no shortcuts for great results. Do not allow your mediocre mind (that ANALyses everything to death) to prevent your sovereign heart (that knows better) to blossom into the person you are meant to be.
Despite instructions from his vet, Toby knows he is meant to run free, not walk on a lead. He may be worse off or he may enjoy his run, who knows? But he is certainly doing what he feels he needs to do, regardless of conditions. Are you living your life the best you can, without fear?

‘The world keeps spinning.’ – Des’ree

Credit: You Gotta Be by Des’ree

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