Learning from Within

In the midst of COVID 19 pandemic, guidelines, advice and regulations have been suggested, recommended and in some situations, imposed. Due to the degree of uncertainty and unknowns about the virus, these guidelines, advice and regulations change often.

As we face the unknown, it is common to feel FEARFUL. The Fear of Death, the Fear of Poverty, the Fear of Ill Health, the Fear of Loss of Love and the Fear of Criticism are easily manifested in this situation. The outcome is that we may start to criticise, comment, become extremely opinionated, point fingers and create negative feelings which does not necessary help matters.

At a launch of a famous artist’s newest art piece, there were numerous theories on how the artist sourced his inspiration. Theories spun around his muse, his feelings, his current stage in life, his parents, his past, his depression, his happiness and many more. When asked, the artist said that it was drawn when he was drunk and he actually did not know where he got the inspiration from. What he felt was interpreted was not his canvas but rather, the critics. The personality of each critic was revealed more than his art.

Most people have opinions about everything. Some like to voice them. Sometimes, I wonder why. Is it because they feel their thoughts need to be expressed? Or if they keep silent, no one notices them? Maybe they like to feel important? Perhaps it is their underlying need to connect? (I am aware that by writing this post, I am also voicing my opinion!)

I find that the deeper feeling may be tied to one or more of the Fears listed above. When we feel fearful, we take action. It could be flight, fight or freeze, sometimes we even fidget. Our minds become clouded. Fear is the mind killer. A killer virus on the loose, taking lives and disrupting our perceived normal lives can be a potent catalyst for us to spin out of control. What has happened is this event has brought some form of fear that has originally resided in us out to light.

Despite everyone’s perfect intentions, the execution will always be flawed. For every action (or inaction) taken, there will always be pros and cons. The world will NEVER agree on anything. When we insist on making our point heard, it is usually pointless. No one ever wins in an argument, regardless of outcome.

Instead, we can learn from this. No opinions are needed. We can choose to be extremely grateful for this crisis has allowed us the opportunity to grow. When we overcome this event (and we will, for no virus will wipe humanity from the face of the earth), we would have grown. Mistakes will be made, breakthroughs will be found and what will certainly happen is that we would all have learned something. The question is what. Some will learn how much they lost, others will learn what truly matters and all will learn more about themselves. Let’s be mindful with our thoughts. Thoughts are truly things.

Keep safe, keep sane and keep your immune system healthy. Healthy minds are essential for healthy bodies. Guard your mind from negative and toxic thoughts, ideas, people, activities and places.

We will prevail. We were here first.

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