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Natural Power

Inspiring Nature-Infused Short Stories

What you seek is within you. You possess a power that resides in you, your Natural Power.

Do you feel life is sometimes passing you by and your tomorrow suddenly becomes your yesterday?  

Do you feel there is some secret in life that you should know but it keeps eluding you? 

Do you want to learn more but not sure from where and how? 

This book will provide riveting stories to rekindle your love for life. You will learn from a bouncy Dalmatian about self-image, a swift Saluki about your unfair advantage, a beautiful Doberman about choices in life and many more. It will simply stimulate your mind to allow your inner child and wisdom to flow. It will clearly show you that what you seek is not too far from you at all and the best education is actually free.  Socrates said, ‘Learning is Remembering’.

From the author of ‘Is my Vet for Real?’, Dr Lennon Foo, a father, business owner and someone who understands ‘being in the rut and grind of life’, shares his inner revelations to you. 

You are more than how you can ever imagine yourself. You are special and unique and destined for great things when you take the right steps. Read this book to inspire you to be a better person, reach for your highest potential, overcome your challenges, and embrace the world around you. You have the Power, Your Natural Power.

Book Reviews

“This unusual guide to life takes the reader on the path to self-help and self-determination through the art of story.” – Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, founder of The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour, Bath

“The arrival of this book is so timely in my life, having just experienced the excruciating and painful loss of one of my dogs. There are so many valuable lessons we can learn from the living world around us, we often go through life and forget to wake up and smell the coffee. Lennon’s words have helped me refocus and look at life through a different lens. Thank you.” – Lisa Hird, Principal and tutor for The ISCP, Holbeach, Lincolnshire

“Bite-size stories each with a lesson for us to chew over! With its hints and tips about how to apply the wisdom to improve our lives, this book is a real gem.” – Grace Jones, Speaker and Coach, Devon

“For me this book reflected the positve and dynamic personality of the author in a straightforward way.  I enjoyed each section and looked forward to the next.” – Sandie Perraton, Retired Publishing Managing Director

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